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Wanna say goodbye to Metty's blogg?

Wanna do that or not?say your oppinion on New Voting.I really wanna know your oppinion,and if you can help me more,please tell me ,,why,, this was your oppinion on comment box...I'm waiting!!!Please vote.....I'm thankful to everyone,no matter what was your vote.See You Later!!!Good Night


Say GoodBye to my UGG...

This was the last that year`s day of wearing UGG...I cant were them anymore,because of raining-and new word for this season SNOWING!!!!Rather will announce the first snow in Moldova.forward but also full of sorrow ...CANT WEAR UGG!!!My pretty,hot UGG!!!!!! And...when the snow time,winter,is coming,is time to say HELLO TO WINTER TIME!!!!!!Not only in outdoor,to say hello in Metty Blogg!!!!!New design,posts,info,everything you want!!!!!!
winter comments, winter graphics


EMO-What is means?

So,this is a very interesting theme...and the answe finally is..EMO means a lot,for everyone of us,in differnet ways..Lets see wikipedia`s answer first at all:Emo (pronounced /ˈiːmoʊ/) is a style of rock music typically characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics. It originated in the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement of Washington, D.C., where it was known as "emotional hardcore" or "emocore" and pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace. As the style was echoed by contemporary American punk rock bands, its sound and meaning shifted and changed, blending with pop punk and indie rock and encapsulated in the early 1990s by groups such as Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate......And now lets look at my answer..Metty Comment...For me,EMO,dont means something SO special..Just some people are looking at the life with different eyes...having a depression, first begin to behave spiritually as 'emo' and then after the style of dressing ...but his, you want to kill, to believe that there should not, you really hate yourself, is something...awful!... there are many people who have become 'emo, without having time to think about what I do, and others just for that, they want to follow the latest fashion style, with an original character, unique ...second-class, even I would call 'lifeless,! apologize ..as did a colleague in my class .. and made a new hairstyle, looks like ... you know, two pig tails and top-down and unkempt hair off ... it looks great, but school is UNACCEPTABLE! lol.and it is in no way emo ... But wait .. I would if I think about ... 1) she likes rock music. (Tokio Hotel) 2) hair over their eyes (emo style) but glamour.si stiul likes and now I know for sure that her style is ,,Glamour Ema,,!HaHa...=Dand this is was a little story about EMO STYLE,my opinion


Take Metty in YOUR friends List

Now you can put Metty on you friends list!!!ONLY ON SKYPE!Just search on the skype with the name mettystar(user)find her,and start to talk!!!!Later,If she want,she will talk with you on Microphone and Web Cam!!!Now the account was created...you just need to ADD HER ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST!!!GREAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!


If you did not see MTV EMA look here who wins! My Congratulations for everyone!Look my comments about the winners. Best New Act - Ke$ha
Metty Comment...I dont like Kesha,but for ,,Best New Act,, she is GREAT!
Best Pop, Best Female, Best Song – Lady Gaga
Metty Comment...CONGRATZ LADY GAGA!You have good voice,talenr,song,show!
Best Alternative – Paramore
Metty Comment...GOOD!
Global Icon – Bon Jovi
Metty Comment...GOOD!YOU DESERVE IT!
Best Video - Katy Perry
Metty Comment...GREAT!I love her ne video,,California Gurls,,!!!
Best Male – Justin Bieber
Metty Comment..Dont know what to say..oh.LOL!=D maybe he is good,but was better people...
Best Live Act – Linkin Park
Metty Comment...CONGRATZ!
Best Hip Hop – Eminem
Metty Comment...WoW!Deserve It!You dont win at ,,Best Male,(I would be better if you win in both categoris,because of J.B.with his young boy-style)But you win here!Its GOOD!
World Stage Performance – Tokio Hotel
Metty Comment...YES!You got the best performance!!!
Free Your Mind – Shakira
Mety Comment...YAAAAY!GOOD SHAKIRA!!!!!!
Best Rock – Thirty Seconds to Mars
Metty Comment...Best Rock!Rock it On!!!!
Best Push Act - Justin Bieber Metty Comment...WoW!AGAID Bieber...What can I say.again??? NOW,YOU CAN COMMENT!IN COMMENT BOX!Say There,who you wanted to win


Opening Your Email You can See Good Things!

YAnd the tittle its TRUE!Today,I opened my email.(that what belongs to my blogg)And I have seen so GOOD THINGS!Somebody knows my work...and see it in a good way!And I am so HAPPY!And I must to put that information...he was asked to me to put it on...Sorry..I put it to late... Online Schooling - Halloween

Source: Guide to Online Schools

Start To Comment,Guys!

Hello!Metty is Calling to All The World!Start To Comment Guys!First,the website mettystar.blogspot.com is since in may!So,dont wait,we dont have comments,no one comments!Is is so hard for you to put a little comment!Dont be Like this!Metty dont like persons like YOU!Put a Comment!You can start to put them in every post,specially in MTV EMA!And here,put comments with your wishes,for a better Blogg!!!


Only some hours before the big contest ...we expect Eva Longoria, presenter of the International Competition this year, EMA Music Awards, Justin Bieber will host the show online. (because it was in a tournament and can not attend) but will be available to online posting LIVE! This year the competition is in Madrid, Spain.Users had the chance to vote and insurance claims insurance favorite artist online! But voting is already closed now .= (There were 13 different categories attended internationale.Inclusive stars Inna singer from Romania, "Best European Act,, I am sure that her fans in Romania have voted with one thousand siguranta.But honest I do not like her music, and I voted for Dima Bilan,(Russia) .I was excited to see my Miley Cyrus, a singer who style has changed from a sweet singer, Hannah Montana, a new, cool and more mature, Miley Cyrus, it is part of 'Best Pop, along with Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Usher. participate in the 'Best Female',too. We are very excited! In the category 'Best Push Act, 10 contestants participate! Of that Alexandra Burke, Bob, The Drums, Hurts, Derulo Jason, Justin Bieber, Ke $ ha Mike Posner, Professor Green, Selena Gomez & The Scene.I really wanted to attend the boys' maNga(Turkey,won 2nd place at ESC 2010,Oslo), but,unfortunately,we cant see them in the list of participants.More Information,at EMA MUSIC AWARDS official page http://ema.mtv.tv/ Watch Today, at MTV ,,EMA MUSIC AWARDS,, 21:00 CEC


New Language in My Head!

Finally....I bought a new book ...but not a simple book....a German Book!So,now,i will try to learn a new language!I know...its not a simple and not an easy language...its hard....harder than romanian...But Deutsch its such an interesting language!It was my dream to learn it,and know I will learn!!!!So,Bis Bald my dears!Auf baldiges Wiedersehen! P.S.1)What about the book on image,I got the same book! 2)Bis Bald means:see you soon... Auf baldiges Wiedersehen! means:I hope to see you soon


3D Glasses,good idea!

Im so proud of new invention(i know,its not really new...)3D glasses...you can watch now 3D movies,in your home!If you already have 3D glasses and 3D movies.And absolutly FREE!(sure,If you download at the Free webstites...)A Good News too... torrents.md its BACK!There you can download absolutly FREE movies,music, software for mobile phones, games ... and all you want!But right now with another adress...FINALLY WITH ADRESS http://www.torrentsmd.com/


Good Day..With a Dream...

Its a good day with a big dream....a dream to be better than yesterday...and to be the best!Working with my violin...Our Music Teacher,said to us:,,Be ready for Television,,And this is means...,,Be ready for today,we will sing with violins our National Songs..and television will come...at 4 P.M we must to be at National Library...In Our National Costumes...and to show the world what we can do the best!I Will Try!And I will be the Winner Of Everything hat belongs to the music....

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