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Virtual Games-Social Sites-Money

Hi!Sorry,this post is not about Winter holidays,my sorries,I could not put new winter post yesterday...But I promise,next post will be all about winter! Now,lets go back at our tittle.This post is about ,,Virtual Games,, in social sites.Let's take for an example social site odnoklassniki.ru(I know,this is not an english site,but facebook.com will be then.)I DO NOT ACUSSE ADMINISTRATORS OF THIS SITE,DONT UNDERSTAND ME BAD.This site is good in one way.-you can met one more time the persons you have talked,to hang with your friends,show them your today life with photos,comments and other...But what's up with putting real money in a social game.(better marks for photos,new smileys,stickers,games.)And games is other ,,chapter,,.In every game,you have possibility to put money for V.I.P status,golden money or something like that.In some games you can't get golden money for each level,so you must only to buy them.(this sittuation it's not only in sites like odnoklassniki.ru,in facebook we can see it too)I'm playing games too(I don't know what to do with my time!!!) Conclusion:Social games are good-meeting your friends,and bad-Wasted Time and real money for some virtual games.Write your comment about this post.Thanks!

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