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What's with POPCORN magazine?

What's with POPCORN magazine(romania)and really,what's up with today's magazines?Everyone are big liars...and only some people are noticeing it.A lot of people are jealous for star's success...Every magazine has their oppinion of life,but not like that!In BRAVO magazine web page,is a post:,,Justin with Selena,, and on POPCORN magazine:,,Miley&Justin shook couple,, They are so annoying.And the biggest question is:,,Who we must believe,,? Answer:,,NOBODY!!!!,, Look at Popcorn's photo of magazine...And then at Miley's photo,when she was at Hannah Montana Forever.Is like the same!And now Miley has new hair cut!And It's so impossiple to have long hair,short and then again..LONG!!!

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