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Feelin' Rainy Inside...

It's raining in my town...Chisinau.Nothing is going right,everything it's a mess...Does it reminds you of one of Avril's song?If it is...oh.You maybe already know...Everyone are feeling bad sometime:with reason or not so.I don't know,why I'm feeling so...Is it raining outside(and so bad)or just in myself?(don't get me wrong,I'm not an emo,goth or smth like that)I haven't been here(on my blog,as a blogger and a poster)like some months and not cause I am lazy,head-busy or just busy,I don't have smth interesting to write about.

This is happening with every teenager.And a lot with me.I'm afraid to tell you my ready age...And not only,in real life exactly...I'm unique,I'm not afraid to tell the truth about persons,to tell my REAL opinion and feelings.Because I'm like that,I'm getting enemies in my class...I used to sing a lot(I'm in a music class but whatever)in morning!They don't like that on me.I used to like Hannah Montana(they HATED that)And now,I like soccer,I AM A GIRL!Girls are like:<>There are some pluses if u know just a little about soccer.Like,u don't bet in game UEFA(little kids punches riddle.like Rock-paper-scissors)and answer when smbd is asking u:<> <>It's funny to know that Champions League=Army!

I will not be surprised if u didn't understand what I said...Nobody's Perfect!

Your Dear Blogger,


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