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The Queen of Spades

When I was doing my English homework I was thinking about our school newspaper.Yes,this newspaper,ProVerde everyone reads.Or,at least are looking at images!LoL!But this is not so funny,because when you are giving just a little atention at your Boring School's Newspaper you can find something interesting...,,Witch touches your Heart,,!Listen here/read what a 15 years old girl wrote...

''Some say the world will end In fire,

Some say in ice,

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if I had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say,

That for destruction

Ice is also great

And would suffice.'' -Robert Frost

I've always hated myself for what I am.Just a 15 years old girl,that was too simple,too common.I was exactly the opposite of my classmates,who were sociable,and,in general,too coll in comparison with me,that was very quiet,and with anything that could differentiate me from others.That Friday seemed to be an usual one,but,a new guy destroyed all the harmony of a simple class.George was his name,and I bet my classmates have already told him my attitude to everyone and everything...

The one that is talking right now is me,Inny(I've always disliked my name,it is too strange.)

There aren't so many cool things that have happened in my life,but still there is something to say...

I was at the physical education.Girls,as usual,were gossiping,but one detail in their speech puzzled me.It was something about a Queen of Spades(or something like this),that killed a girl in the summer camp.Actually,it was an old myth that mentioned her to be the queen of death,and if a group of people invoked her,she could be able to kill somebody.I smiled myself thinking ''Oh,God,another stupid fairytale''.After I tried to concentrate on their next speech,but they began a stupid topic:''Boys''.Boys from our class weren't a present too.Even if some of them weren't stupid,the biggest part of them didn't go to school with a certain purpose.That's why none of them were on my taste.The bell rang.I went to bathroom.

Silence...Water pouring on my hands...Me,looking into the mirror.But suddenly,I saw some red spots on the wall at my back...I approached the wall.It was written: ''Don't be so sure''.I tried to remember my thoughts that day: ''Breakfast,boys,my stupid shoes,and,oh yes:

-Oh,God,another fairytale!?

I said it aloud,and still didn't quite understand why I said it with a questioned tone(as not being sure of the truth of my statement)...

(to be continued...)

- Trili Diana,9th ''A'' form

Now,what can you say?

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