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Hey.Today is a interesting day.lol.I'll tell you how was my day.

➀I woke up at 7 A.M to go to school.again.Ya,u heard ok,on Saturday.Just because to be at 8 A.M at school and to start my violin lesson.'Cause on 28 I'll have a small concert.

➁I stayed on internet.haha.like every time I'm doing on weekends.And I found some GREAT websites,while I was searching for ,,How To Be Famous On Twitter?,, Look what I found - http://twittercism.com/secret-twitter-success/ and http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Twitter-Celebrity

➂Talked on the phone with Laury4ka.I think today she'll write an article.

➃Watched an episode on ,,Acasa,,TV.Oh,there are LOT of Spanish serials and only Spanish.You know...A poor girl entered in a big house,there is a bad aunt.A boy found that girl when she broke her shoe.lol.

➄And this I'll do later.I'll watch ,,Eurovision National Final,,(Moldova)I'm excited.about who will represent our country.

➅I'll go on Twitter to add my new followers.And to send them some DM or replies

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